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11KW Warehouse Scaffolding Roll Forming Machine 15KW Power For Shelves Equipment

11KW Warehouse Scaffolding Roll Forming Machine 15KW Power For Shelves Equipment

11KW Warehouse Scaffolding Roll Forming Machine 15KW Power For Shelves Equipment

Product Details:

Place of Origin: FUJIAN,CHINA
Brand Name: BMS
Certification: CE/ISO9001
Model Number: Shelf

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1set
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: The cover with plastic film
Delivery Time: 50days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 20set/month
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Detailed Product Description
External Size: 4000×2500×1100(mm) Application: Supermarket, Storage And Other Shelf Equipment
Power: 15KW Weight: About 8000KGS
Length Accuracy: ± 0.1㎜ Forming Speed: 8-12 Pieces / Min
Processing Length: Unlimited Material Thickness: 0.35-0.6mm

15KW Warehouse Storage Pallet Rack Roll Forming Machine For Shelves Equipment



Shelves cold bending forming production line



Production aline overview


Product specifications: 20X299mm, manufacturing is based on actual drawings provided by customers.



Technical parameters and specifications

Forming material

Material: ordinary cold rolled coil or galvanized steel coil

Material thickness: 0.35-0.6mm

Coil inner diameter: Ф360—Ф510

Processing capacity

Forming speed: 8-12 pieces/min

Processing length: unlimited


Processing quality

Length accuracy L≤1000mm: ± 0.1㎜

Straightness; disturbance; L≤1000mm, bending less than 1mm; disturbance not more than 1mm

Forming section size requirements: according to drawings

Surface quality: no obvious wrinkles, unevenness, abrasions and other defects

Production line performance characteristics:

This production line is a piece of special forming equipment for the production of shelf laminates. The strip coil to be processed is manually placed on the unloading rack, and then corrected and tensioned. After power leveling and hydraulic pre-punching, it is sent to the forming machine by the guide device to form the workpiece. Under the effect of frictional damping of the pressure roller, after entering the cutting part at a linear speed of 0-12m, the product is punched, cut and folded as required, and then manually packed away.

The main technical parameters

1. Details of key original parts

Serial number

No. Name
1 Encoder
2 Human-machine interface
3 Programmable controller (PLC)
4 Low voltage circuit breaker
5 AC contactor
6 Frequency converter
7 Hydraulic solenoid directional valve
8 Screw guide


2. Feeding specifications

a. Applicable materials: Cold rolled coil, stainless steel coil
b. Material quality: Domestic GB standard
c. Tensile strength: δb≤780Mpa (Max.)
d. Yield strength: δs≤510Mpa (Max.)
e. Material thickness: 0.35-0.6mm (Max.) h. The outside diameter of the steel coil: Φ1250 (Max.)
f. Material width: 350mm (Max.)
g. The inner diameter of the steel coil: Φ360mm-Φ510mm
i. Steel coil weight: 5 t (Max.)

3. Forming parameters

a. The number of forming groups: 8 sets of roller forming

b. The number of leveling groups: 8 rollers

c. Spindle specification: 48mm 45 # steel material quenching and tempering

d. Roller material: Ggr15 bearing steel heat treatment

e. Integral torii: finely ground on both sides of 25mm steel plate, the error of hole distance is less than 0.1mm

f. Floor thickness: 16mm


4. Forming ability

a. The outside diameter of the coil: Φ1250mm (Max.)
b. Material forming thickness: 0.35-0.6mm
c. Product width 299mm


5. Speed ​​parameters of forming unit

a. Linear speed 0-12m / min
b. Acceleration time < 30 seconds

6. Forming accuracy

a. Shear length tolerance: ≤ ± 0.1mm / m
b. Width tolerance: ≤ ± 0.2mm
c. Sickle curve: ≤2mm / m
d. Burr: ≤0.1mm (new blade cutting ordinary carbon steel plate with reasonable clearance)
e. Height tolerance: ≤ ± 0.3mm
PS. The above tolerances are based on the premise of flat first-order steel coils.

       Surface quality: After processing, the surface of the finished product does not add any processing defects.


7. Other equipment parameters

a. Power supply: 380V / 50HZ / 3PH
b. Installed capacity: about 30Kw
c. Forming speed: 0-12m /min
d. Cutting method: stop forming shear
e. Driving motor: unloader motor 1.5KW
Leveling machine motor 1.5KW

Servo feeding motor 1.5KW

Hydraulic punching motor 11KW

Forming host motor 5.5KW

Hydraulic cut-off motor 5.5KW
f. Floor area (approximately): length 20m × width 1.7m (host length 5.3m)
g. Production line direction: from left to right (facing the unit from the operation table).
h. Equipment color: (Customer choice)
i. Unit equipment design can meet 12 hours of continuous production
j. Operating environment:
1: Power supply voltage: 380V ± 10% / three-phase four-wire, frequency: 50HZ total power: about 30KW

2: Ambient temperature: 0-40 ° C, relative humidity: 60-95% RH.

Equipment composition

1. Power Uncoiler and manual tensioning device
2. Power pinch leveler
3. Hydraulic punching (servo feeder)
4. Cold roll forming device
5. Hydraulic cutting and folding machine
6. Electrical equipment
7. Finished product holding roller
8. Safety protective cover


Equipment structure and system configuration:

Overview: This production line is mainly composed of uncoiler machine, leveling machine, hydraulic punching machine, cold roll forming machine, shut-off and hemming part, finished product unloading collection device, electrical control part and safety protection part.


1. Uncoiler machine:

It is used to deposit the unwinding material and provide the sheet to the forming part. The 3-ton electric unwinder is manually tensioned.


2. Cold-formed host:

The mainframe of this production line is welded by 100X100X4mm square tube, the side plate is 25mm steel plate, both sides are finely ground, the supporting parts are made of high-quality Taiwan bearings, the feeding is roller type, and the output is twisted up and down adjusted, the host has good rigidity and stable structure.


Rolling mold (rolling mill): 8 groups of rollers are formed, all adopt high-quality gGr15 bearing steel, HRC up to 62-64 are all processed by precision CNC machine tools, precision is 6-7, surface roughness is above 0.8, forming Precise dimensions, no scratches on the surface of the formed workpiece.


Transmission part: It is the conveying part of the forming power of the production line. The power is transmitted from the main motor to the reduction gearbox and then transmitted to the driving wheel by the gearbox through the gearbox.


3. Fixed-length cutting part: It consists of a fixed-length device and cutting mechanism. The fixed-length device is fixed by an encoder. When the formed sheet reaches a fixed length, it is controlled by a PLC to cut off the product.


4. Supporting rack: This device is located at the back of the forming machine and is reasonably arranged according to the length of the product.


5. Electric control system: The entire production line adopts centralized control, the components adopt imported and domestic top-quality products, or specified by customers, and the pneumatic components adopt the Taiwan brand. The installation of the equipment's electronic control components complies with national regulations, with clear line numbers, reasonable bureaus, clean control panels, and clear labels.


6. Security protection: The host is equipped with a protective net, and warning signs are set on the parts involving personal safety. The electrical appliance has reliable safety grounding, and the emergency stop button is also provided on the die end to protect personal safety to the greatest extent.


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