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The Handling And Maintenance Matters That Needed Attention OfRoll Forming Machine

The Handling And Maintenance Matters That Needed Attention Of Roll Forming Machine  

    Before use Forming Machine Equipment, you should first check everywhere and connection are firm, bolts, nuts are tight, then add the lubrication in case about oil, only can electrify start machine commissioning. careful observation of empty running with or without vibration, noise, whether the oil window to oil, the various components of movement coordination. Everything is normal to install mold, during which you must cut off the power, to prevent slippery a natural whereabouts, cause an accident. to ensure that the upper and lower mold clamping, four peripheral gap uniform, and the distance from the upper to the lower mold thickness equal to the required tile blank, the upper mold is installed in the bottom of the slide and placed a plate of appropriate thickness. Then the above mode subject to the bench position, install the remaining five down molds, all installed to driving test the watts.

    The work program: the boot order is open air compressors, vacuum pumps, extruders, Tile Cutting Machine, put the feeder, Roll Forming Machine, host and salvatore conveyor. stopping is the opposite of booting. not the decompression tile machine structure and performance operation procedures can not start the machine. Automatic Tile Forming Machine is strictly prohibited to exceed the minimum closed height, that is, the tank bottom slide on face to face with the work up and down from the height of the mould and minimum for 290 mm, the upper and lower plate thick crust with tile blank thickness, does not allow more than 290 mm​​. To lest produce an accident of machine tools,mold manufacturing should press when the requirements for design.You should always observe the sliding box and on both sides of the body lubricants.The equipment should always be wiped, keep clean, and not to muddy stagnant water.

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